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At Smiles At Doral we understand that the loss of tooth, whether it is caused by a misfortunate accident or poor oral health, can be a traumatic and upsetting experience. We want to help you look and feel your best! Dr. Del Puerto  will help you regain your smile and the functioning of your teeth!

Once a tooth has been lost, changes begin to occur within the patient's mouth immediately! The effects of tooth loss may result in permanent damage to the mouth and will significantly affect your oral and general wellbeing! Oral conditions which may be caused through the loss of a tooth include;

  • Increased strain on remaining teeth
  • A weakened jawbone
  • Inability for teeth to perform natural functions (i.e. chewing)
  • An aesthetically lacking smile

Dental Implants allow patients to correct the structural nature of their teeth, while recapturing an aesthetically pleasing smile! Created from a combination of Titanium and tooth colored porcelain, Dental Implants are long lasting restorations. Dental Implants are almost undetectable in the mouth and are created to your specific oral requirements. This restoration enables patients to reestablish their dietary habits and consume the same food as they would have done prior to tooth loss. Dr. Del Puerto will utilize Dental Implants, to help you rediscover your gorgeous smile and amend any oral problems caused by tooth loss!

This form of dental treatment is a surgical procedure and will take place over a series of dental appointments. After treatment patients will experience; improved stability; enhanced biting pressure; reduced irritation and sores within the mouth; increased self-esteem and enhancement of the aesthetic nature of their smile! Throughout your treatment our dental team will ensure every step is taken to make you feel relaxed and at ease. After your Dental Implant surgery has been performed, you will receive precise post-surgical instructions. By following these instructions accurately, healing will occur quickly and the best possible results are achieved.



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